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Pressure Equipment Engineering Services, Inc. was incorporated in Texas in 1993. Bharat Batra, founder and President of Pressure Equipment Engineering Services, Inc. has over thirty-five (35) years of engineering experience. He has taught Pressure Vessel design seminar at ASME South Texas Section, Houston, TX and Pressure Vessel design course at University of Houston, Houston, TX. He has served as chairperson for the Pressure Vessel technical chapter for ASME South Texas Section for a number of years. The resume of Bharat Batra is enclosed herewith for your information.

Our consulting services are geared towards technical due diligence. Technical due diligence is a process that critically reviews, analyzes, addresses and resolves the key questions and issues about reliability, operability, and integrity of an equipment. Based on the available data (original design, in service deterioration and inspection records) about equipment, PEESI calculates the remaining safe and useful life of the equipment. Pressure Equipment Engineering Services, Inc. has the goal to maximize the remaining safe and useful life of the fixed equipment (Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, Boilers, Tanks and Piping) for its clients. PEESI has developed expertise to offer life extension considerations for fixed equipment (Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, Boilers, Tanks and Piping) located in refineries, chemical plants and power plants. In many cases, we achieve this objective without repairs or alteration of the equipment. In case, the repairs or alterations are necessary for code compliance or to maintain the mechanical integrity of the equipment or to extend the life of the equipment, we provide the best possible repair or alteration solutions. When code guidance is not available, we use RAGAGEP (Recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices) and advanced analysis techniques to minimize the equipment downtime and maximize the equipment availability.

We have the experience and the tools required to perform technical due diligence. Some of the tools include code calculations, conventional stress analysis, finite element analysis, fatigue analysis, buckling analysis, failure analysis for assessment of the remaining safe and useful life of the equipment. Whether it is calculation of MSOT (Minimum Safe Operating temperature) below the code specified MDMT (Minimum Design Metal temperature) or increase in design Pressure / Temperature or increase in equipment loading due to any other reason, we use custom & proprietary engineering tools to arrive at the best possible solution in the most cost effective manner. Even when you have depleted the equipment life due to loss of originally intended corrosion allowance, we are usually able to get some life (may be till the next turnaround) out of the equipment based on the retirement thickness values calculated by us for various components of the equipment. For this, we take into account all the considerations required for fitness-for-service evaluations. These practices lead to reduced engineering cost, reduced inspection cost and low overheads for the clients.

We provide high quality engineering services at low cost. We guarantee that our services represent the best possible value for engineering services. We have a wide range of engineering tools to address any of your engineering needs for analysis and design of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Tanks and Piping. We are the preferred choice for an increasing number of companies due to our high quality performance and quick response time.

At Pressure Equipment Engineering Services, Inc., we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24×7) to address your emergency plant needs. PEESI is a highly reputed and professional organization that values and respects its clients’ confidentiality.

We have a commitment to technical excellence. We also stress on quality performance, quick response time and courteous one-to-one customer support. Based on our work ethics and philosophy of going the extra mile, our clients are always satisfied and we guarantee it.